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MECHANICAL Engineering

An engineering firm based in Jacksonville Florida we offer complete mechanical design and mechanical engineering consulting services. From the start to finish we offer quality and innovative design approach. Our HVAC systems and designs are closely integrated with other engineering consultants to offer you a truly coordinated set of mechanical drawings.


As a building owner, architect, or builder you have to ask what HVAC system is right for you? Today’s modern HVAC components require a savvy MEP engineer to design a system that is not only simple and integrated but also one that is cost effective and a right fit for your project. We offer a professional and licensed mechanical design engineer to design your HVAC system, and process cooling systems.


Our mechanical project experience includes:


  • Industrial plants and buildings
  • Commercial building
  • Office buildings
  • Retail s[aces
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and condominiums
  • Churches and Temples
  • Energy generation plants
  • Schools colleges and libraries
  • Recreation complexes such as gymnasiums.
  • Data centers


Here is a list of our services:


  • Conceptual design centrifugal chiller
  • HVAC system modeling
  • Sight inspections
  • HVAC load analysis
  • HVAC drawing review
  • Split system design
  • Chilled water design
  • Central energy plant design
  • BIM modeling
  • Heating hot water design
  • Obsolescence management of HVAC systems.
  • Exhaust systems design
  • Steam generation and distribution
  • Ventilation system distribution
  • Building automation
  • Controls
  • Code analysis and complianceNon-condensing boiler



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